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9 March 2024 / 20:00
Ole Deviks vei 10



The LOST boys is a music collective that began its journey in 2021. They aim to cater to music enthusiasts with a discerning taste for quality underground dance music. The collective has quickly gained popularity and aims to become a «must» for all music lovers in the coming years.

The LOST boys kicked off their journey with their first event called «AT SEA.» This event was unique and set the tone for their future endeavors. It was a wild, intimate, and truly epic boat trip that left a lasting impression on attendees.

Building on the success of their first event, the collective organized their second event, «LOST HALOWEEN.» This time, they partnered with VRIL, a renowned artist from Berghain, a famous nightclub in Berlin. The event took place in a larger venue, offering attendees an incredible experience.

Grateful for the support they received after these two events, the LOST boys are committed to bringing international star artists to amazing locations. They strive to provide their audience with the best possible experience. As part of their vision, they are excited to announce that they have booked global superstar DJ ANNA from Brazil for their upcoming winter event, but it was postponed due to covid-restrictions. 

The LOST boys see their current journey as just the beginning and we had the chance to book Sèbastien Leger, Guy J and Nick Warren at are venue in 2021 with great success and they are determined to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and creating something truly special for their audience. Music lovers are encouraged to follow their journey and stay tuned for future events.


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